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Can I store my Crescent after Ramadan?

YES!! The nice thing about our product is that you can dissemble all the pieces and store them back into the box, waiting to be open and decorated again next year!

How can I order my Crescent?

You can order your Crescent by sending us a DM or WhatsApp to either of the numbers in our bio!

We’ll need:
1. Your name
2. Address you’d like it delivered to
3. Your phone number so we call you upon arrival
4. Tree colour (white or green)
5. Tree Size

Do you sell decorations?

Unfortunately no, we do not sell decorations, we only sell the crescent.

Our motivation for this was so that each household decorates their crescent with their own touch and style, making each piece unique and personal.

How long will my Crescent take to be delivered?

Due to high demands, your Crescent should be delivered to your doorstep 2-3 days after you’ve placed your order.

Our courier will call you on the number you provided when it’s on the way!

How can I build my Crescent?

*for video instructions we have a post on our Instagram page!

Step 1. The 2 Crescent parts will go in through the screwed nails on top of the second half.
Step 2. Make sure to remove the screw completely and fit them in.
Step 3. The branch that has the screw is the base of the Crescent.
Step 4. Towards the third portion of this crescent is a hole in which you screw the stem at and angle.
Step 5. Once that is done, you can now assemble the base.
Step 6. Let it stand and once you are comfortable with the angle the top part of crescent, screw it on!

There you go! Your Crescent is ready for decorating!