About Us


Founded in 2002

Cross Global is a retail distributor which brings unique, hand sourced products to customers throughout the Middle East.

Cross Global strives to offer unique and selective items that stand out and and make a difference to our lifestyle, helping you to reflect your personal creativity.

Starting with the very first project as a venture with Hot Hang-ups: Giving your bag some respect was a turning point, followed by the key finder and other accessories. Working closely with the family business to offer what is of value.

Ramadan Crescent is yet another project part of Cross Global, where our vision is anticipating your needs and sourcing a world of choice.

Along with the unexpected turns during 2020 we recognized a need to re-prioritize our values and as family was the main surrounding we hoped to make it as cozy as possible . Our project was factored in 2019 and was highly promoted internationally. Our main motive was to spread unity within families and add a touch of joy to homes.

Ramadan Crescent is more than just a product, it is a concept that enhances the individuality and beauty in everyone’s home, most certainly adding a smile and a touch of happiness, it is a symbolic item that can be enjoyed by all generations, which is our main motive.

Living in the hub of the cosmopolitan world, Dubai, where the impossible is possible, we grew up knowing that there is always a way.

As always, and along with the motto of our company, the Ramadan Crescent has become a unique symbol to add an enriched ambiance and happiness. The special feature of un-assembling the crescent gives it an added value for easy storing and then your creativity is what makes it unique.